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Clitoral, vaginal and uterine female orgasms, experienced in the gyno exam rooms and induced by female and male gyno doctors and sex scientists. First pussy orgasms, reached by former frigid babes during gyno tests. Intense multiple orgasms, evoked by the dizzy contact of Magic Wand and clitty. Real orgasms, caused by group and lesbian fingering before lustful medical examiners. And many other women's orgasms, aroused and intensified with speculums, thermometers, wires, sex toys and sexy behavior of medical scientists. Pulsating clitty, erected nipple and orgastic grimace closeups included!

Extreme vaginal orgasm experiments for 26 y.o. Leda.

Female doctor perform some crazy medical tests to multiplicate regular orgasm intensivity. Sexy 26 y.o. Leda was very embarrased first, than excited end cums a lot. 20 min. long HD quality movie.

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Deep vaginal fuck and orgasm of 24 y. o. Diana, 24 min video.

A special silver dildo for "hard to cum" pussies. Medical anal beads for extreme special stimulation of G-spot, asshole and vagina. Doctor's and her own fingers are also used during this hard vaginal orgasm evoking. Yes, it was very hard to reach the big O for this babe with so frigid pussy and almost senseless clitty.

But they did it, of course! Deep vaginal fuck with a sex toy, mixed with anal beads insertion. Nipple and tit play coming with active vagina toying by the lady doctor. Clitty rubbing with ass stimulation with the beads. And many other anal and pussy insertions and stimulations are in Diana's first medical orgasm video!

Toy DP, wire stimulation and orgasm of 21 y. o. Kati in 19 min HD video.

She would never confess of her vaginal anorgasmia if the doctor were a guy. But this medical girl is so beautiful and kind that she tells her everything... No problem, babe, it is very easy to help you, all the more that your breasts, nipples, ass, clitty and vagina are sensitive enough for most intense orgasms! Are you ready to cum?

First, take this orgasm enhancing pill and show how you used to rub your clit. Second, let's carry out a deep vaginal inspection with a speculum while you are sucking this sex toy. Third, spread your legs wide for toy to pussy insertion. And please don't worry - the lady doctor knows how to use these wires... Oh, is that your vaginal orgasm?

Extreme pussy insertions and orgasm of 19 y. o. Lera in 26 min video.

Is it really possible for this petite medical milf to make this big teen pussy cum? Yes, it is, because the doctor knows how to stimulate such vaginas like this teen one and has got many special orgasm stimulating tools ready for deep vaginal fuck, extreme nipples and tits exciting and even anal orgasm evoking!

So, after physical checkup and speculum to pussy insertion, the doctor takes a long big dildo for deep vaginal drill and then uses even bigger and thicker sex toy as the busty slut can't cum. And, finally, electro stimulation of teen slit and ass has been applied to Lera. Of course, her vaginal orgasm was super intense!

19 y. o. Olga gets her ass and pussy stimulated.

It is always a challenge for our doctors to make a teen pussy cum as such girls like Olga never know what excites them most of all, how to rub their slits and clitties right and where their G-spots are. So, get ready to stimulate one of the most hard to cum vaginas together with this experienced nurse with sex toys, speculums and wires!
As soon as Olga's breasts and nipples are inspected in the most extreme way, and the magic O pill is taken, the doctor gets down to a deep vaginal exam and, then, to oral (with a vibrator) and anal (with wires and fingers) stimulation. As for pussy insertions, Olga gets fucked hard with a sex toy. What about orgasm? Join to watch this video!

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22 y.o Milena.
18 minutes HD-quality video.
Such a voluptuous girl like Milena do not need additional stumulation to reach an orgasm. But she wants to participate in our medical tests anyway. On this movie you can see Milena in almost all possible sexy poses with different dildoes, probes and sensors in her anus and her lewd vagina.
And finally you will see real Milena's orgasm when she rides a big dildo and our nurse asist her.

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24 y.o Evgeniya inspected by 33 y.o. Larisa. 21 minutes HD-quality video.
Slim and lusty brunette Evgenia beleives she has some problems in her sexual life. Our perverted and bitchy doctor, 33 y.o. Larisa, always happy to assist lusty bitches and help them to reach REAL orgasm.
By the way, when you see
Evgeniya's body, you cant' imagine how big and flexible pussy has this slim slut. Extremally big dildo was inserted in her vagina without problems, and looks she likes it!

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22 y.o. Evelina. 23 minutes HD-quality video.
Every girl deserves her orgasm. But beautiful and busty Evelina had some problems... Don't worry, Evelina, we have a solution for your sweet pussy. But you must fully remove your clothes and obey your Doctor!
Watch pretty 22 y.o. Evelina experienced loud and juice vaginal multiorgasm with dildos in all her holes! You will have full close-up access to all her intimate holes and enjoy her beutiful orgasming face after downloading this 23 min. HD movie!

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Device orgasm video. 22 y. o. Diana. 27 min, HD-quality movie!
Scissors, attached to nipples and clitty: what influence do they have on girls? on their sexual excitement? Hitachi Magic Wand: is it really possible to make a test babe experience the multiorgasm while massaging her clitty with it? does a speculum inserted in her pussy help? Rectal electro stimulation: how intense is an impulse-evoked rectal female orgasm? is its intensity higher with circuit closing? Let's find the answers!

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19 y.o. Alla. Deep double vaginal insertion.

Busty 19 years old Alla was slightly shy and embarrassed at the beginning of experiment...
But very soon she stops hesitate and becomes lustful human female.

She can't stop rubbing her juicy pussy and pinch her nipples when strict doctor performing her medical tests and inserting electrode in Alla's tight anus...
Watch a video where Alla has the most powerful orgasm in her life!

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22 y.o. Taisya embarrassed and double orgasmed. 25 min.
This big orgasm research is a real challenge for beautiful 22 y.o. Taisya, but the cutie really tries to relax in the sake of science. But this suddenly appeared male assistant cocks up everything! And the lady scientist is happy to make him join the study and put her testee to the hardship, including speculum insertion, fingering, toy fuck, rectal orgasm evoking, wire games, masturbation and even handjob!.. Oh, her orgasm is so damn shameful!
anal exam rectal temperature
anal exam handjob
rectal orgasm
Alena's first rectal and best vaginal orgasms. 25 min.
What female orgasm is stronger - vaginal or rectal? This fem scientist is going to find it out with Alena's help. But wait! Does rectal female orgasm exist? Or maybe it is something hypothetic? The blonde researcher is sure it does. And she will detect it at any cost! As soon as Alena's pussy is gyno examined, the scientist attaches a wire to her nipple, shoves a sensor in her asshole and makes the babe masturbate. The result? The multiple orgasms!
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26 y.o. Tuta under strict lesbian scientist control. 22 min. What is this medical scientist going to find in this wonderful vagina? G-spot? Maybe, but finding this spot is useless without making the girl cum - at least, for this science beauty, studying female orgasm! That's why you can see the test girl, making a wry face and almost falling on the floor in the gyno exam room under the pushes of the science sex toy. And you are sure to must see the glad face of the scientist, studying so amazing thing as pussy orgasm!
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23 y.o. Dina and perfect multioragsm. 21 min. Her boyfriend is sure she is frigid because it is impossible for her to reach the orgasm during sex. This babe can only cum while rubbing her nubbin in the alone mode. Well, this fem scientist, studying female orgasms, will help her! After a short thrilling medical exam, the sex doctor asks the babe to play with herself in her usual style. It is so strange to do it before the girl, but...she feels ready to cum! However, the pussy orgasm scientist makes her stop (WTF?) and...starts fingering the babe!
nude gyno exam
Chubby 22 y.o. Kristina and her juicy cuming pussy. 22 min. "You are crazy!" It was the first thought, visited the mind of this flashy babe when this doctor offered her to become a test girl. What kind of gyno exam test should she pass thru? Multiple orgasms experiment!? Hum, she has never reached a few tops one after another...The more she thinks of it, the wetter her pussy becomes (and the gynie's touches are so damn exciting!). Okay, she takes the Magic Wand, turns it on and touches her clitty with its head. OMG, what a...
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20 y.o. Vika has super orgasm under medical control. 29 min. Every sexy girl must become a test plaything for her female orgasm research! This medical scientist and a gynie is so sure of it that lures each of her gyno exam patients to take part in oh so important tests. The blondie she has enticed at the today's pussy exam is so easy-to-excite and open-minded that the lady doctor has finally used the wire stimulation for pussy orgasm arousing in addition to the self-fingering test and petting the girl's tits with rubber-gloved fingers.
gyno inspection
Tanja inspected by Arthur. 22 min, 199 mb. Of course, this miss knows very well what clitoral female orgasm is. But she has never experienced the real rich pussy orgasm! And yes, she would like to have a spasm deep inside, but it is so embarrassing to have it under guidance of this male gyno doctor...Well, as he swears it is only in the name of women's orgasms research, so she lets the gyno exam dude stimulate her G-spot. And let this pussy orgasm happen as the sex doctor wants - she is absolutely ready to hit the top!
pussy insertion
20 y.o. Alena and her extra gyno orgasm. 21 min. Thermometer sex and toy fuck, masturbation together with a female scientist and an intense vaginal orgasm in the end! This cutie would never think her pussy orgasm could be so mind-blowing (to tell the truth, she has reached only the clitoral orgasms, having no idea about vaginal climax). But this female scientist has found her G-spot, fucked her pussy with a thermometer and a sex toy and even joined her masturbation by playing with her own clitty! Amazing!
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21 y.o. Hotta & 19 y.o. Kara become lesbians. 17 min. Most of all, this female scientist (who studies multiple orgasms) likes testing two beautiful babes at once. Why? She researches the influence of nude group masturbation in the presence of a clothed medical girl on female orgasm intensity. So, these naked cuties kiss, make out, play with their own and each other pussies and tits - i. e. do lesbian sex things before the sex doctor. But what about the multiple orgasms? Of course, they have seen stars - together with the scientist!
wet vagina
19 y.o. Stok & 19 y.o. Via. lesbian orgasm research. 20 min. How strong is lesbian pussy orgasm, esp. aroused with medical stimulation? These two bi-sexual hotsies are here, in the gyno exam room, to pass thru a special female orgasm test, where their pussies will be worked on with tongues, sex toys, medical stuff, rubber fingers and some other things, called to arouse, detect and intensify the lesbian women's orgasm. Attention-grabbing? Indeed! Wanna take part in this amazing experiment (as a scientist)? You are invited!
shy woman nude
21 y.o. Tima embarrassed by her multiple orgasms. 20 min. Do shy girls have problem with reaching the climax? This female scientist is going to put one of timid missies to a gyno exam and an induced female orgasm tests to find out if such girls are really poor hard-to-cum creatures. Although her examinee is almost an incarnate shyness (you can see how her knees shiver while she is passing the gyno exam), the medical scientist has found that the babe is pretty easy-to-excite and can even reach the top right during the test.
nude physical exam
19 y.o. Kara and exhausting orgasm. 20 min. Erogenous zones? Yes, she has found some of them - her areolas, lips, the inner side of the hips...G-spot? Yes, she has heard of it and even found this real orgasm generator down there. And yes, she is absolutely ready to take part in this experiment where her secret erogenous zones and U-spot should be found and revealed. Intense pussy orgasm? Oh yes, she would like to get off as it is such a huge fun to cum during this pussy orgasm test!.. Wow, it is like a...Ohhhh...


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